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Side Hustle Professionals

After seeing what was wrong with almost all side hustle websites, Steven Peter Burke–known online as Smiling Steveknew in 2019 that Side Hustle Professionals needed to be created.

To get right to the point, almost all of the published side hustle content does not put you first. Instead of focusing on helping people who have or need a side hustle, posts are written to rank on search engines.

A site like this could dramatically reduce the learning curve for most people who want to make money in a part-time, side hustle business. But to do that, the focus cannot solely be on creating content that ranks because that type of content is usually little more than fluff!

The goal to rank high on Google has turned into a race to create content on all common searches rather than focusing on originality.

Pumping out blog posts like 30 Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make Extra Money In 2023 is simply making a list anyone can research in minutes on Google from dozens of websites. It is trivial compared to the high-quality advice that could be supplied on a site like this on things like how to build specific types of businesses.

In the end, content creators need to understand the difference that is made by posting either super high-quality or original content. The question is: how do you do that if you have not been there and done that?

You can’t. That is another reason why there is a lot of fluff–trivial entertainment-type or lifestyle content–and not much in the way of mastery that is truly helpful to those who need to change their lives.

Smiling Steve knew the difference, which is why this site was meticulously planned and finally launched.

The Best Side Hustle

What is the best side hustle? To begin with, this question does not come with a one-size-fits-all answer, and anyone who tries to tell you differently should not be followed!

Choosing the side hustle that is right for you is a topic for another web page, but to close the loop on this question, the right choice is clearly different depending on your area or areas of expertise.

That said, one field that takes a lot of beating is helping others to start a side hustle–directly AND indirectly.

However, if you do that, the best thing to do is commit to learning yourself. Become an expert first, then help others by sharing HOW-TO content.

What you do not want to do is share the same information that everyone else shares–for then, you will be part of the online fluff treadmill (like the image).

This is a list of side hustle ideas that is no different than any other list online.

Help People Develop a Second Income

When you think about helping people develop a second income from a side hustle, the first thing to do is to establish why most people need more income. Smiling Steve explains this by asking a question:

“Are you paid what you’re worth by your soul-sucking boss?

An employee working for a business owner must remember that their boss has to make less for them (the employee) to make more. This is the harsh reality.

As you contemplate that, you can see one big reason why employees struggle to get a decent raise and never seem to earn enough to live a great life.

Seven words in the lyrics of Refugee by Tom Petty also put this into perspective:

“Everybody’s had to fight to be free!

If you want to live a life free from financial worries, you need enough income. But what are you going to do? And how are you going to do it?

If these questions apply to you, they apply to others, too.

Our mission at Side Hustle Professionals is to help you solve how to make more money. Our website, free live show (live webinar with playbacks), and resources will help almost anyone develop or increase the income earned through a side hustle.

What is the difference between having dreams and those dreams becoming reality? Just a lack of sufficient income and the missing know-how. And, of course, confidence and attitude play a part too.

We can boil it down to this;

If you have the guts to try and your attitude doesn’t suck, as long as you know roughly how much additional part-time income you need or want, all you need to know is how to get it.

Again, helping you with this is our mission.

Chasing side hustle income can lead to frustration from wasted time or unwise investments. And that is the 3rd mission of this website; as much as we can, we help ensure your side hustle goes smoothly. And that means we are on a mission to help you reduce or eliminate time on trial and error and steer you clear of unforeseen pitfalls!

Do you need to be experienced to succeed? No, you don’t, and this site and podcast series will help you understand why and how to operate as if you were experienced. Not only that, but we are very good at showing others the ins and outs of making side hustle money and how to promote almost anything!

Does it take money to make money? Many experts like Robert Kiyosaki say it does not, especially today, and we can confirm that there are options that result in you receiving another source of income every month without any start-up costs. Perhaps more importantly, you do not need to put up with a 2nd soul-sucking boss to have a 2nd income!

This website and live interactive recorded show will guide and support you as you turn your spare time into money. 

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Have you ever considered that your boss must make less to pay you more?

When that day for the meeting with the owner of the company comes, you are confident that you have memorized all the things you want to say to get a raise. You are sure you deserve a sizeable raise and are unlikely to be thinking about why you need a side hustle.

At that moment, your head is crammed with thoughts of the value you bring to the company. You may even rationalize how much the company needs you, but there is one problem.

For that owner to pay you more, they may need to pay themselves less!

This image shows a cartoon character that represents someone's boss as seen from the point of view of the employee who is asking for a raise. The caption says; "If I paid you that much of a raise, I would end up making less than I have for over a decade!"

No matter what you have done for the company, it is almost certain that the owner of that business has done more and took all the risk. To them, if you are a good employee, though they know that you need an occasional raise, the concept of you making more is juxtaposed by what the owner makes.

If you don’t get the amount of raise you want and you do not do a side hustle, guess what? You will never make enough to afford the better things in life.

Circa 1985, this author saw an employee get their review meeting almost four months after starting a new job. She had been working for peanuts while in the 3-month probationary period, and all she was offered would have amounted to $5-a-week raise after tax.

She almost stormed straight out of the building!

I saw the look on her face. She was offended.

That young lady worked hard to make herself indispensable. And what she got for working like a dog and having a heart might as well have been a slap in the face!

Ten years later, when I became a successful entrepreneur, I stole her from that company! 

If she was paid $100 a week more that day, I would likely never have had the chance to steal her away. And she was worth it.

However, that $100/week would have amounted to $5000 a year in 1986, and it would need to come out of the owner’s pocket. That is the reality of working for a business owner in a small to medium-sized company.

It is also why you need a side hustle!

If you have no clue what to do as a side hustle, you could consider talking to us at Side Hustle Professionals. We have options that will make you money. 

Better still, if one of those options appeals to you, you will never have to ask for a raise (and we will explain why later).

If you want us to contact you about side hustle options, complete the form below (this is our privacy policy).

Yes I need a side hustle. 

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