Want an Unfair Advantage over competition? The Press Release, when used in a sharp way, is the profit-generating machine we like to call a Competition-Slaying Super Weapon!

This vector image shows the icon of a press release with a megaphone that represents making an announcement
affilaites that reprinted Press Releases 2
Mainstream media sites that reposted a press release we dropped.
The screenshot shows the various media distribution channels of my press release.
The above screenshot shows various distribution channels of a press release.

Press Release for Non Profit

Charities and Non Profit Organizations all produce media kits and donor kits. But only the big ones do press releases when it is the small ones that need to do them.

What these charities don’t know is they can generate interviews for the Executive Director, and that leads to donations. 

For more information read our Press Release Non Profit article.

An interesting article worth reading:

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The first time I did a press release, I thought I had done everything right. I even studied how to write them–as if I was a journalist–and assumed all my extra efforts would bring in some real bucks. What can I say? I was naïve.

As I write this, 709 press releases dropped in the last 24 hours. No wonder my first one didn’t do much!

It turns out that I did manage to write like a journalist would, so I was on point there. But that first try disappeared into a sea of online information. In fact, I barely saw any increase in my web traffic after it dropped, and I was expecting a spike.

The experience did not leave a good taste in my mouth, even though I had not spent much money. The wasted time (and lack of return) bothered me, and I probably wouldn’t have tried another one until I found out two things.

How they can be moneymakers

1.  We can guarantee that if you allow us to provide you with one that is written-like-a-journalist that it will be ‘reprinted’ or posted on 250+ mainstream media websites. And that is serious exposure!


2.  There is a little-known way to parlay a well-exposed press release into interviews and speaking opportunities that both directly and indirectly turn into handsome income producers.

We can guarantee that you can increase sales and drive traffic to your site if you follow our plan and can speak on your area of expertise. And if you want social media or website followers, that can happen too!

You have two choices now. You can read the subsections on this page that provide a little more information about who releases are good for (etc.), or you can be bold and reach out to us.

Since we prefer to build relationships with people who may become customers, you cannot order this service from this website. But you can receive more information about how we do it via email and, at the same time, provide a phone number for us to reach out and answer your questions.

Oh, and we are not pushy. We like to be informative and helpful, meaning you will enjoy the conversation with us about promoting your brand or business.

Privacy Policy

This screenshot shows 3 mainstream media sites that posted my press release
Mainstream media sites that reposted a recent press releases we dropped.
This image shows media distribution channels of my press release
The above screenshot shows press release distribution channels.

Press Release Announcement Example

As stated on this page, your announcements need to be written as if an impartial journalist did them.

Sales Copy that hypes any aspect of your business or personal brand will be rejected by real press release distribution channels (including ours). 

If you click the following link, we provided some Press Release Announcement Examples.

Press Release; How to Distribute them

Since many people search PRESS RELEASE HOW TO DISTRIBUTE every month, we thought we ought to add a small subsection on this page about that topic.

For starters, we distribute them. We also use a host of people with side hustles to write them too. 

To book an appointment to speak to us about distributing your annoiuncement, complete the form on this web page.

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