Read a Free ‘Section’ of The Free Cheese Secret

Below is a section of The Free Cheese Secret with a section title, and a ‘section’ is formatted on one page, as this eBook is also a live course (where one page is released to students at a time). Are ‘good food & exciting entertainment’ enough? (Or, “Is having a ‘good product’ enough?”) Nick’s dream […]

Do you know what you deserve for your efforts?

There are considerations if you have a small business and intend to scale it up or finally experience the success you want and need so badly. For instance, you will need to excel in at least one set of promotional skills, which means being a HUSTLER or embracing Content Creation (or both). Why? Because there […]

How to use the Secret Languages of the 4 Color Personalities

This image has 4 stick figure in it, one in each of the colors, yellow, red, green and blue, which represents the 4 color personalities

How to use the Secret Languages of the 4 Color Personalities We must learn to talk yellow, green, blue and red personalities in Network Marketing, embracing them all. — Yellow personalities like to help people. — Green personalities like information. — Blue personalities like to party. — Red personalities like to lead. Tom ‘Big Al’ […]

Press Release Announcement Examples

The image for press release announcement examples post shows various ways of releasing content

Press Release Announcement Examples We posted this article on press release announcement examples because we knew it would help you if you had examples of the various styles of announcements that are regularly being made.  Hopefully, one of the examples on this page is similar to what you are doing.  This article contains book release […]

Press Release Non Profit

This infographic shows the benefits of a Press Release for a Non Profit

The Press Release for Non Profits & Charities The term PRESS RELEASE NON PROFITS gets searched frequently every month, and because writing press releases is a common side hustle for College and University students, we decided to write about this interesting topic. There are some great unbiased articles on how to write a non-profit press […]