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Better Words in Better Systems Create Better Prospects


When we speak better words in a better system, we get great results. We love systems. We are used to systems. We use systems.

We learned systems at a young age. Books are a system for reading. Schools are systems for learning.

People are used to systems. It only makes sense for us to learn a system for Network Marketing.

We have funnel systems for Network Marketing, We have automated systems for Network Marketing.

But we fail at one system that works best. One system is pain and pleasure. If we learn the system for finding pain in people’s lives, we can do Network Marketing. People want to avoid pain. They want to emphasize pleasure. We have the systems in place for helping them sooth their pain.

If I want to talk to lawyers. I use a system for finding their pain. If we can stress the pain-points of being a lawyer, we have a great shot at getting him or her on our team.

What system can we use to find a lawyer’s pain? Google.Com and DuckDuckGo.Com search engines. They are great systems.

I type “pros and cons of being an attorney” into the search engines. The “cons” are the pain. Here are the results of the “con.”

— “Stress over deadlines and billing.”

— “Long hours due to shrinking staff and rising workloads.”

— “Law school debt.”

— “Competitive job market with cuts in jobs and salaries.”

— “Clients are turning to “self-help legal websites.”

— “Technology threatens to replace lawyers.”

— “Outsourcing to foreign countries is an economic reality.”

— “Low public perception of lawyers.”

— “Lawyers don’t always get to pick their clients if they want to eat.”

I pick out two the two biggest “pain-points” and stress them to the lawyer.

— Stress from poor public perception

— Excessive work hours.

Then I put the pain-points into another system. Formulas for speaking better words.

— “Could you do me a favor?I’m looking for people who are tired of and would want to fix it.”

— “So, here is the short story. Instead of , you could work with us helping people and Well, what do you think?”

When I’m out and about and meet an attorney. I have my system for helping me talk to them.

“Could you do me a favor? I’m looking for people who are tired of working long hours under stress and low public perception and would want to set their own hours with people who will thank them every day for helping them.”

When the lawyer says, “I know someone. It’s me,” we can give him a short story. Short stories stress the Network Marketing opportunities in miniature form.

“So here is the short story. Instead of working long hours under stress and low public perception, you could start with us helping people get healthy and fit drinking coffee and tea and set your own work hours at full pay and get paid extra bonus rewards for helping others. Well, what do you think?”

Systems are grand. They work. People like systems. People use systems. So, let’s teach our people a system for doing Network Marketing. Let’s teach them better words in better systems create better prospects.

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