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There are several options included below regarding why you may be contacting Side Hustle Professionals. The only thing not included here is an option to opt-in to receive email notifications of new content releases and all matters related to your privacy and our Privacy Policy & compliance.

The form below has a drop-down field with the following options:

  • ABUSE; let us know that you are being sent notifications without your consent so we may track who is doing it and put an end to it. 
  • SUBMISSIONS; if your content is good, we can publish it on Side Hustle Professionals with a link to your content on your website or social media platform. 
  • SPONSORING OPPORTUNITIES; as long as we are in alignment with what you do, we are likely to have many opportunities for you to sponsor the content on Side Husgtle Professionals and thereby expose what you offer to our followers, which will grow massively over time. If this is what you request, we will contact you back.
  • JOIN OUR TEAM; we have opportunities for team members to benefit and profit in several ways through a part-time effort for Side Hustle Professionals. Please let us know if you are interested, and we will contact you back.
  • CONTENT REQUESTS; if you want Side Hustle Professionals to create content on a subject, just let us know. And we will reply to you on when we can schedule this (assuming we agree with your idea).
  • OTHER; if you want to market to us, make sure you include a concise description of why we should click on your link. Thank you.

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If you need to send us a notification by mail, use the following address:

1047 County Rd 15

Picton, ON

K0K 2T0

Weekly email notifications

Once a week, we send an email to notify you of new content on the site, and a two week schedule–with an invitations to attend–of planned live Side Hustle Professionals shows held in Zoom webinars.