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Descriptive Words that Start Conversations

We all love images. Images are better than text. But descriptive words behind the image work better for more signups and sales than text.

Images are more effective than text. But would images and descriptive words make a better pairing?

Of course it would.

We want to move the image from people’s head to the message behind it. If our words can paint a picture of the image in our prospects’ heads, we make it easy for people to buy.

Images are just images. Sometimes the meaning behind the image is hard to see. So, let’s add descriptive words for feelings to make it clear.

A picture transfers information a thousand times faster. By using pictures, people can see what we see. And that means they’ll buy. But when we add descriptive words in text, it makes it easy for the prospect.

Since everyone loves images, let’s make a great caption for our picture. The caption is the small print that describes what’s going on. This is important. Why?

Because as soon as the human eye sees a picture, it instantly goes to the caption of the picture to get an explanation about what is going on. This is the best place to put a little sales pitch about our products.

Our job is to make the caption interesting (check out my other post to find out more about this).

Here are examples of descriptive words for people.

— Below the picture of a grinning client in blue jeans going to the courthouse, we could write this: “Mr. Blue Jeans looks forward to his day in court because he has unlimited legal representation for $1.00 a day.”

— Below a picture of Grandma finishing a race, we could write this: “Grandson Michael fails to keep up with 72-year-old Granny Smith who now runs marathons after adding our vitamins to her diet.”

— Below a picture of an old man holding two glasses of water, we could write this: “Grandpa Miller checks the water from his kitchen water filter. He installed his water filter when he couldn’t get the municipal water department to tell him what the floating particles were in his tap water.”

We remember pictures. We remember pictures better with descriptive words. We can write descriptive words that start with a message to gets inside prospects’ heads.

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