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Do We Need to Experience the Products We Sell?

The answer is “YES.” Do we need to experience the products that make it impossible to experience? Some circumstances prevent us.

— Women hygiene products because we are males.

— Testosterone products because we are females.

— Cars because you live in cities where parking is impossible.

—Solar panels for homes because we don’t own a home.

Other circumstances let us experience the products.

— Immunity boosting products that fight against germs and viruses.

— Facial cremes that help us look younger.

— Travel products that help us travel at discount rates.

But how do we sell them? Capture the experience and put it into a story.

— Step #1: Describe the problem we had.

— Step #2: Describe how our product fixed that problem.

— Step #3: Describe how we feel now without the problem.

Diet products…

— “I exercised, starved myself, and ate funny foods that cost a fortune just to lose 30 lbs. But as soon as I stopped the torture, the weight came back Then I changed what I had for breakfast. Using this breakfast shake and drinking this healthy coffee, I was not hungry anymore until lunch. And the weight started melting off permanently. Today, I’m 30 lbs. lighter, and I feel great. Anyone can diet if they are not hungry.”

Utility services…

— “I used to shop for the lowest energy rates, then switched to a different supplier every few months. It was a lot of work switching and filling out the forms, and I tried to get the best promotional rates. But the money I saved initially was canceled out by their post-promotion rates. I did a lot of work and didn’t save any money. Now I use this utility service. They guarantee a low rate no matter what the competition does. Today, I feel better knowing that I am always getting a great rate and saving money.”

Travel products…

— “I worked hard every week for a year, so I expected a chance to take a real vacation to unwind from a year of stress. But fighting for space at the beach or hotel swimming pool made my family complain. It wasn’t what I expected. Then I discovered that we could take an all-inclusive vacation at a nice resort, for less than my normal vacations. This was a no brainer. I jumped at the chance. Now the family raves about how great our vacation was. And I finally got the relaxation I was looking for.

Experience the products. Sell the experience and you sell the products.

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