Get your own hosted website, with an Elementor Pro license, absolutely free!

With this offer, you will receive a free WordPress website with hosting and an Elementor Pro license, with no deposit & no cost. Free until Feb 22, 2023, and even after that, if you decide to continue with our hosting, we charge less than any other provider!

For clarity, you will not be asked for future payment information or a credit card “on file” to receive this free offer. 

We made this free offer public on July 7, 2023, and if you took the offer that day, you would receive 213 days of free services, which is one day short of seven months. If you end up discovering this offer on, say, September 7, 2023, you would still receive 168  days for free, which is less than six months (and the offer will remain active until we have 900 people apply for it).

In other words, the date that the free services will expire is always the same: February 22, 2024.

Currently (at the time of making this offer public), Elementor (the software company) is hosting websites on their basic plan for $9.99 per month, paid annually. And the day this offer went live, there were almost 7 months left, making our offer’s value worth $69.93 (based on Elementor’s prices)

Should you discover this offer when there are six months left, the value would be $59.94. In other words, the offer’s value changes over time, as the free-until-date does not change.

In addition, after the free period, which ends on February 22, 2024, we charge less than Elementor. Our current offer is only $9 per month without paying a year in advance!

Lastly, the features of our Elementor Pro license and hosting are identical to the offer from Elementor, with one huge exception. They included these features; a free SSL certificate (critical),  free CDN, free Security, integrated caching, and support.

We differ from Elementor Pro in that we offer a free Speed Optimization plugin too, and it works spectacularly, which means our site performs better!

Speed Optimization for WordPress is a feature you cannot get from GoDaddy, Blue Host or any other provider that also offers a free Elementor Pro license. And that means you would need to acquire a paid version of a plug-in!

Note that the free version of Elementor does not contain the widgets that come with Elementor Pro, so our offer should not be confused with Elementor’s free licence, as it does not include hosting or the Pro features. Our free Elementor Pro license and hosting come with everything! 

The only conditions with this offer are under the registration form.

Why the Elementor Pro license is considered the best-in-class WordPress!

There are two high-quality page builders for WordPress; one is Divi, and the other is the Elementor Pro license.

Independent Research has shown that Elementor Pro is easier for new users to master than Divi, which is more for Web Designers (professionals). That is why we use it, so our clients can jump in and not have much trouble.

Is that the end of the story? No. There are several other factors as to why we picked it to offer for free.

WordPress Themes & Blocks

There are many free WordPress themes; in fact, every year, a new one is released and named after that year. They are fine but constricting.

You are limited in site layout and design to what the theme allows. Elementor Pro is quit the opposite. You can place any design element any where on a web page, meaning it is not limited at all.

Of course, the other challenge with free WordPress themes is they are targets for hackers. And who wants to design a site and then have to deal with it being hacked?

The last and really major issue with free WordPress themes is the lack of support. If anything goes wrong you have to pay for help, not so with our Elementor Pro license. Support is available and for free!

Wix, Weebly & the GoDaddy Page Buider

None of these proprietary platforms with page builders are free. And that is the first thing you need to know.

Inlike Divi, Weebly is easy to use but lacks theme customization, whereas Wix is like Elemetor Pro in itse design freedom but complicated.

The reason why we chose to offer you an Elementor Pro license with a WordPress site, is because WordPress makes up  97% of the the blogs are on WordPress. All the rest together only make up 3%!

With the lion share of the market, there are far more plug-ins available and really no limitations. 

There are other options, like SquareSpace and Shopify. However, with a fabulous e-commerce plug-in called WooCommerce that works on WordPress, that is where we decided to put down roots. 

With WordPress and an Elementor Pro license, you can’t go wrong. And being able to get both for free for six months, you cannot go wrong.

Free Elementor Pro license & hosting Registration Form

Terms & Conditions of the "Get a free WordPress website with a free Elementor Pro license" offer:

This offer and the free service expire on Feb 22, 2024. If you register before we provide this offer to not less than 900 individuals, we are obligated to provide the services described on this page unless you break any of the terms and conditions below.

If you do break any of the terms and conditions, we have the right to close your hosting account and withdraw your Elementor Pro license without compensation or prior notification. And, since you can download backup copies at any time, you are able to transfer your site elsewhere at any time.

Terms and Conditions

Side Hustle Professionals is hereinafter referred to as WE or US, or THE PROVIDER. You (the individual availing themselves of this offer) is hereinafter referred to as YOU.

  1. The free website with this offer is only available for business purposes only. 
  2. On February 22, 2024, if you do not pay $9 for hosting, your hosting account will expire at no cost to you.
  3. You may not register for this offer as a business, meaning you are personally responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions herein. Should you continue to pay for hosting after Feb 22, 2024, you can pay through a business, so this condition does not affect liability or alter the amount of personal or business tax you pay (you can still deduct the service after you pay for it, should you wish to continue, and deduct it either personally or in your business).
  4. You must have a website in place within 30 days of receipt of the login information (depending on when you register, we may take a day or two to send your login details). If you do not, because we wish for the license to be used, for that reason, we may, at our sole discretion and without notification, reissue the Elementor Pro license to someone who does use it.
  5.  You may not use the hosting and the Elementor Pro license we provide for a website that is about Porn, Politics, Hate, Guns or Weapons or an Illegal Business (like a Ponzi Scheme or Illegal Pyramid). It may be used for Network Marketing.
  6. After Feb. 22, 2024, our renewal price for the hosting account will be $9/month, paid monthly, and includes an Elementor Pro license. We may need to adjust prices in the future, but they will still be less than other providers, and you will never need to pay a year in advance.
  7. Any website hosted in this offer must use the Elementor Pro page builder for all of its pages. If you use another page builder or “blocks” to build a site, we reserve the right to reissue the service and Elementor Pro license to someone who will use the provided license. And this is due to the fact that we need to know how many licenses to purchase every year to supply our customers.
  8. We can enter your WordPress website back office (hereinafter referred to as a dashboard) at any time, but we will not make any changes to your site unless directed to do so by you. 
  9. You agree to leave in place our WordPress user with ADMIN privileges (and it is highly unlikely that you will be able to eliminate it). Should you remove our access or otherwise block us from entering your WordPress dashboard, we may, at our sole discretion, reissue the site and Elementor Pro license without notification. It is imperative that we are able to make sure you are maintaining your site with WordPress and plug-in updates, and this is the easiest way for us to do that.
  10. If you require us to handle the maintenance o  your site for you, we can but must charge a fee (in case you find it hard to upkeep, we can do that for you).
  11. You will receive two custom email addresses and a catchall email address with this account, and you agree not to use them for the purpose of sending SPAM.
  12. If you require more email addresses, we can provide them for a one-time setup fee of $9 each.
  13. We can provide email marketing software attached to your website for a fee that is based on the number of recipients and total number of emails sent. The advantage of this is we know that your recipients signed up, whereas a third-party email marketing software service does not, which makes it harder to set up.
  14. This offer is only available to one Elementor Pro License and hosting per customer, which will be tracked by I.P. Address. If your friend wants one too, tell them to go home before they register so they are not using the same I.P. Address.
  15. WordPress will be installed for you, as will the  Elementor Pro license, the Optimization plug-in and several other plug-ins. All of the plug-ins that come pre-installed when you log in must remain on the site, and you must keep them updated (updates are regularly available).
  16. If your site is hacked due to not keeping plug-ins up to date, you will pay a fee of $50 for is to reinstate the site using a backup copy.
  17. You will receive no server access with this package, only WordPress access with all the plug-ins that are installed for you (and any you add).
  18. You agree not to install WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, WP-Optimize, Humminbird, Cache Enabler, Comet Cache, or any other speed optimization plug-in, as they may conflict with SG Optimizer, which we will install and configure for you.
  19. You may gift this offer to someone else; however, we require the name and contact info of all website USERS, as you cannot be responsible for the actions of others should you gift the free website offer to someone else.
  20. Any services we provide after your website is set up with be on require payment of a fee in advance of the work being done.
  21. We reserve the right to add to the terms and conditions of this offer at any time.

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