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How Do You Get People to Stay After the Presentation?

Not all of the people in Network Marketing do home meetings or public presentations. But whether you do face-to-face meeting or zoom,  this is How do get people to stay after the presentation.

A gift.

It’s hard to sign up people as they are running out the door after a presentation. A gift ends the running.

Some years ago, I was visiting an opportunity meeting at someone’s home. Fifty people were crowded into this tiny room. There was no place to sit. Just a few people had chairs to sit on.

I thought to myself, “How is the host going to keep fifty people in this tiny room after the meeting?”

As soon as the host got up, she said,

“There is going to be a drawing at the conclusion of the meeting. I’m passing a hat and a slip of paper around the room. Put your first and last name on the paper and drop it in the hat. We’ll announce the winner at the conclusion of the meeting.”

I wasn’t going to miss out on a gift. I dropped my name into the hat. So did forty-nine other people.

After the presentation, the host had coffee and cake in another room. No one bolted out the door.

After everyone had their fill of cake, she announced the winner. I did not win, but someone did.

The winner’s gift? Ten free samples of the product.

Then she asked if people would like to join.

Guess what? Fourteen people joined the business.

Before you give a presentation, announce there is a gift after the presentation.

This keeps the prospect from leaving early. If there is more than one person at the presentation, have a drawing. One person gets the gift. So, both must stay.

How do you get people to stay after the presentation? Gifts, and not some cheap store-bought item.

You give a free sample of your products. Will one sample of a product work? No! You give ten samples of one product or several products.

Ten samples work because it makes the prospect feel he is not wasting his time.

How do you get people to stay after a presentation? Gifts, not just any gifts but ten samples of your products.

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