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How You Overcome Fear
of Making Money from People

It has been called money phobia and it is the fear of making money from people or the stigma of doing so.

How do you overcome this fear? Simple. By realizing the value you provide when you help people.

Most of us grew up under a misconception. We grew up with the impression that money is bad.

We have watched our superheroes battle villains, criminals and outlaws who were obsessed with money or who had lots of it: Lex Luthor, Cruella Deville, Darkseid, the Penguin, etc.

From these neurotic scoundrels, we’ve crystalized in our minds that money is evil. Money, per se, is not evil. It’s the love of money that’s the problem.

Money, by definition, is public distilled trust. It is sought after by the general public, because it has value in purchasing power. It helps people buy products and services.

The fear of not having enough money is a tell-tale sign of the value we place on it. We don’t fear what we lose unless we do place value in it.

Recognizing what it can do when you have it and what you cannot do without it ought to be enough to put some sense in you when it comes to the question of how do you overcome the fear of money.

How do you overcome fear of making money from leads and prospects in network marketing?

How do you overcome fear of making money on YouTube or online?

By realizing money is not a bad thing but serves to fulfill greater and more noble ends.

Many people are truly afraid to make money.

You may have thought how do you overcome fear of making money from people? Oh, I got it! I’ll get into one of those “Free” programs where I can give away products at cost or “for free.”

You probably thought everyone will join or buy because they have nothing to lose. After all it’s free! Really?

Let’s rethink that notion. First, realize that in order to make money, you have to spend money. Until you get that through your head, you are going to think choosing the CHEAP and “FREE” route will make me money when in fact it will put you in the poor house.

Don’t let CHEAP keep you poor and broke. Don’t enable people in their fear and cuddle them in their insecurities about money. You’re doing them a disservice.

If everyone gets everything for free, where is the profit going to come from? Money has to change hands. Someone has to buy something in order to create a sales volume in network marketing. “FREE” just doesn’t cut it, not even in non-profit organizations.

Offering someone something to buy or an opportunity to better their lives is not tricking them into buying something they don’t want, don’t need and can’t afford.

When you’re presenting your network marketing business opportunity to a prospect, your job is not to convince him or her about anything. Your job is simply to uncover the VALUE of what you have to offer.

What we offer in network marketing is an opportunity to be self-employed, to start a business with low startup costs, no employees, no overhead and very little risk. We offer them a way out of overburdening debt, a way to give their kids a better way of life, a chance to live their dreams. We give people a simple success system to follow and give them access to people who want them to succeed. There is no limit to how much they make. This business will give them what they put into it.

So, how do you overcome fear of making money in network marketing from a person?

By offering them something YOU BELIEVE has value; great products or services and the opportunity to change one’s life and the future of an entire family for generations to come, and it’s only fair that you get paid for it. Remember, you are running a business, not a non-profit.

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