How your small business can
compete with deep pockets:

Marketing Concept #1

Trial & Error kills many small businesses!

Stop using Trial & Error as a business growth strategy because though you may guess right, you may also guess wrong (repeatedly), losing time and money.

Marketing Concept #2

The Front-End is usually a money loser!

It is critical to realize that small business marketing campaigns that involve advertising usually lose money upfront and occasionally break even. That does not mean you should come to this conclusion, “That doesn’t work!

Marketing Concept #3

Embrace the Marketing Back-end

Whether you target fans, followers, clients, patients, customers, or opportunity seekers, for simplicity only let’s refer to them as “customers.”

To be able to continue advertising, embrace concepts like, “Who else Sells customers and prospective customers?” By doing this, you won’t be using profits from sales to pay off credit card bills, as strategic alliance partners can and will pay for or contribute to your marketing expenses.

Marketing Concept #4

The Back-end or
What else can I sell my customers?

At a time when you are trying to recoup your marketing & ad expenses, does it make sense to incur inventory, labor, or both types of extra costs by thinking like this, “What else can I sell my customers?”  Isn’t Marketing Concept #3 superior?

Marketing Concept #5

Strategic Alliance Partners (SAPs) & Collaborators

Collaborators help your ad or ads by adding extra values or providing their targeted list. SAPs pay to have direct or indirect access to those who respond. The latter is the method of paying for ads & marketing that most business people never learn.

Marketing Concept #6

Do not confuse marketing terms with timing!

Some of the back-ends can happen before the front-end, which is critical, for it means you can consider an advertising campaign even if you are temporarily cash-challenged. More importantly, if some of the back-ends can happen before your marketing, you can increase your ad spend and thus your reach!

The six marketing concepts above fit neatly into a single game-changer strategy, which allows small to medium-sized businesses to out-compete the deep pockets of big corporations or the competitors who came before them!

With this strategy, you can have a limitless ad budget, and it is both easy and free to learn!

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