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How to Talk to the Four Color Personalities About Network Marketing

Different personality types are more recently described using four colors. Each “color” requires a different language but, don’t worry, it is easy to learn!

We must learn to talk yellow, green, blue and red personalities in Network Marketing, embracing them all.

— Yellow personalities like to help people.

— Green personalities like information.

— Blue personalities like to party.

— Red personalities like to lead.

Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s new book Mini-Scripts for the Four Color Personalities (see the image w/ link on left or at bottom) reminds Network Marketers of the importance of the four-color personalities. It shows the language of each color personality and below are examples.

The Yellow Personality

The yellow personality loves to help. They empathize. They cry. They are the shoulder to lean on.

How do we talk yellow?

— “Everything happens for a reason.”

— “Does this resonate with you?”

— “Do you feel the pain of the other person?”

— “How would you feel about sharing an opportunity that could help a lot of people?”

What makes these scripts powerful for yellow personalities? Yellow personalities love to bond with the presenter. They love to bond with the person whom they’re with.

The Green Personality

Green personalities are quiet. They sit in the back of the room of a lecture and take copious notes. They love information. They hate to take risks.

What can we stay to a green personality?

—” It makes sense.”

— “Let’s figure it out.”

—“The test results show….”

— “Numbers can’t lie.”

Feed them information. Give them a logical reason to join or buy. Don’t talk to them about feelings, big money or partying.

The Blue Personality

Blues love to party. They love fun. They hate to focus on one thing. They move about from one person to the next. They love to talk and talk and talk.

How do we talk to a blue personality?

— “Do you love to party?”

— “You know you can have a lot of fun with this business.”

— “Can you picture how much fun you’ll have on a free cruise.”

— “I can’t wait for you to party and have fun with me.”

We make our statements short and to the point. Blue personalities won’t focus on them long. They have other people to talk to.

The Red Personality

As soon as you know you are talking to a Red, get the point. They always feel they have better things to do that talking on and on — idle chit-chat is not for them!

They always act as leaders, so focus your short and to the point conversation appropriately.

They want to be in charge so we let them be. And they love money — lots of it — so speak to this benefit.

How do we talk to a red personality? Like this:

— “Here is how we’ll do this.”

— “Here’s the short story.”

— “You’ll be the leader at the top in record time.”

— “This plan is for doers and not watchers.”

Don’t forget to get to the point with Reds!

What happens when we don’t know the color-personality of our prospect? We can end up talking to all four-color personalities at one time, or to the personality that we are. Both are huge mistakes.

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