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Press Release Announcement Examples

We posted this article on press release announcement examples because we knew it would help you if you had examples of the various styles of announcements that are regularly being made. 

Hopefully, one of the examples on this page is similar to what you are doing. 

This article contains book release announcements, event announcements, business networking announcements, business startup announcements, new podcast announcements, new membership website announcements and more.

There are many other types of press releases, such as new-hire press releases, new product press release announcements, research and scientific announcements, and announcements about awards.

Side Hustle Professionals will update this content regularly to include other Press Release Announcement Examples as we have them. 

Currently, on the right are five examples separated into four sections (2 for one author) with complete press releases for download to help you design your own press release.

This article also needs to mention that when a press release is handled by correctly,  it is not only released to the media but sent out as a Tweet and posted on LinkedIn and Facebook. And these links are important, as they provide the individual or business that is making the release with the ability to retweet and share as a link.

How to Write a Press Release

Before getting into details, when you think of How to Write a Press Release, this step-by-step process will help:

  1. Find a newsworthy angle.
  2. Write an attention-grabbing headline.
  3. Write your opening sentence (aka, lede)
  4. Craft four to seven strong body paragraphs with supporting details.
  5. Add quotes.
  6. Include contact information.

There is one thing you cannot do in a press release; sell. That means that hype and excitement have no place in press releases.

Instead, write as if you were a journalist talking about a business, brand or other styles of press releases mentioned above.

This is thought because, very often, you are writing about something you created. It is exciting to you, and you want to promote it, but those types of content do not get reposted on media websites!

When you read some of the examples by clicking the links on this page, you will see that hype and excitement are left on the writer’s cloud account or laptop hard drive. They are not included in a press release.

Here are examples of press releases that are non-hype that did get picked up by affiliated and network media:

  1. $2.5M gift to Smith School of Business to help future leaders navigate environmental, social, and governance issues
  2. Universities Canada welcomes interim president Philip Landon to lead national association.
  3. The Prime Minister announces the appointment of senators

As you can see from a quick glance, these are well-written but do not include hype. And that is the way yours should be.

Think ANNOUNCEMENT, not hype or sales jargon. Keep the benefits to a minimum and the facts to a maximum.

We have a page on this site that is entitled; A PRESS RELEASE CAN BE AN UNFAIR  ADVANTAGE IN THE MARKETPLACE, which is definitely worth the read.

Each press release can include the body of the announcement, hyperlinks, images, media contact info and headlines for the press release and tweets. And it is worth the time to get all of these things reading correctly and making them appealing.

I hope that these few spotlights we have provided as Press Release Announcement Examples are enough to get you started with your project. However, if you do not have time to write a press release but have something to announce, let us write it for you.

We have several writers that moonlight (meaning have a side hustle) as writers for blogs, press releases and white papers. And we would be glad to handle that for you.

In addition, we handle press release distribution.  All of the examples on this page, other than the list of three above, were handled by us, and all but one was written by us, with the last being merely distributed by us (if you do not count writing the Tweet headline and other minor things).

If you want more information about press releases, complete the form below, and we will send you all costs associated with press release distribution. You can also read our privacy policy here to discover that we do not sell or share anyone’s personal information.

Press Release announcing a new Podcast

On April 20th, 2023, a press release was issued to introduce the world to The Rabbi Who Got Rich on Sunday. Below is a screenshot of the press release in PDF format.

Press Release Announcement Example of The Rabbi Who Got Rich on SundayThis press release was reprinted (or posted by) 349 media websites and platforms. This is an example of how a press release is done correctly.

As of when this article was released, this podcast has been recorded almost 20 times. You can read the full press release here.

Press Release announcing a book release

On July 5th, 2023, a press release announcement was made about the release of Earl Waud’s 2nd personal development book, called Borrowed Belief. 

This image is a screenshot that is a perfect press release announcement example. It also shows an image of Earl Waud's 2nd personal development book, called BORROWED BELIEF.

This press release was reprinted by 290 media websites, as you can see from the screenshot below:

This is a screenshot of the press release distribution of a book release

You can read the full press release announcement example for Earl’s first book, Hindsight, here. And the full press release for the 2nd book, Borrowefd Belief, is here.

Press Release announcing a new membership website for gardeners

As soon as the busy gardening season is over, there will be this announcement of a membership website for gardeners. 

This image is a screenshot showing, which is about to do a press release about a membership website.

This press release announcement example is fully prepared. Here is what will be sent out:This is a screenshot of garden like a master press release announcement example.

You can read the entire Press Release Announcement Example for Garden Like a Master here.


Press Release announcing a new Business Networking platform

In the fall of 2022, Allied Entrepreneurs was launched as a free web-based platform for local area business networking. The press release announcement example went public on January 31st, 2023.

This is a screenshot of the Allied Entrepreneurs websiteYou can read the entire Press Release Announcement Example for Allied Entrepreneurs here.


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