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Privacy Policy and GDPR for
Side Hustle Professionals

At Side Hustle Professionals, we take your privacy seriously, and unless you are in Europe, there really are only three things to know about our Privacy Policy and how we use data that is personal to you:

  1. We never sell or share any personal information, we only use it internally to help serve our website visitors better. And;
  2. Unless you fill in a form, we only capture your I.P. Address. And;
  3. Cookies are only used to store (within your browser’s cache) your browsing preferences, per #1 above. They last for 12 months, and the preferences are compiled with your I.P. address, but that is a little bit problematic, as you will see.

In a moment, we will expand on the above, but first, let’s provide transparency on the GDPR too. If you are in Europe, the GDPR requires us to do two things.

  • Upon request, we send you a copy of the personal information we have captured at this site.
  • Upon request, delete the personal information we have stored.

First, no matter where you reside, we will comply with data requests that we are only legally required to provide to Europeans. this is just a part of the type of transparency we believe all websites should have.

Since you know that we do not sell or share your data, what follows are the remaining potential challenges with personal data.  And this will clarify for you what a website can do in terms of complying with Privacy Policy requirements or the only ways in which your personal information can be exposed.

Email is Not Secure!

If you request a copy of a completed form on this site or the data (your private information) we have captured, we will send it to you via email, which is not secure. 

It is possible that your email can get hacked in cyberspace, but highly unlikely that anyone would target you to hack or otherwise capture your email(s). Nonetheless, once that email leaves our website, as have no control over this and thus are not liable should an email that we send to you is somehow intercepted.

The Personal Information Captured on this site

Again, if you complete a form on this website, all the info you provide in that form is captured on this site (on the server) and automatically added to our email sending APP, which we may change in the future.

If you opt-in, you can opt-out at any time, nor will we send you more than one email a week after the process of getting you set up. So, there is no concern about receiving too many notifications from us.

We do not have the ability to capture your email or name if you do not complete a form. All we get is the I.P Address, and that potentially causes this very minor issue:

If you were to be at a different location, especially with a different computing device, and you requested us to provide a copy of the data we captured (your personal information), we may not be able to connect the new I.P. Address with the old one. In such cases, we could not comply with sending you what we had captured before.

The other minor challenge is cookies do not stay in your browser cache forever. That means that even if you are on the same device and requested the info we captured from previous visits to the site, we also may not be able to provide all of that historical data (we might not be able to connect you now with you in the past).

Remember, at any time, you can demand that we delete your email and all other info connected to it, which we will. Therefore an old I.P. Address or an expired cookie does not matter in any way.

I.P. Addresses and Website Cookies

Our cookies are set to last 12 months, and all browsers have the option to clear cookies. Cookies are stored in your browser cache and thus reside on your computing device, storing your I.P. Address, date of last visit, and the pages on our site that you visited.

In case you did not know, a website cookie is a very small text (flat) file stored in your browser cache. They consume almost none of your computing device’s storage (or physical memory).

If you return to the site within a year and have not deleted our website cookie, our site checks for that website cookie. Assuming it has not expired, we know that you were on certain web pages and for how long. We do not know your name, email address or anything else unless you complete a form.

If you return in 366 days or longer, your browser will have permanently deleted the website cookie. This would mean our website would not know you had ever been there before.

We do periodically store stats on the cloud, but there is no mechanism for connecting that historical data with the website and back to you. That aside, if you demand that we delete your personal information, we will delete your  I.P. Address from our database (even though it is no longer connected to the website).

Your I.P. Address and email address (if we have it) do reside within WordPress on our site for three months. Then we download that data (for a backup) and delete the data on the site. This means that it is possible for someone to hack our site and get that data, but we have the best security that is available for websites, which stops would-be hackers cold.

The point is that someone intercepting an email we send you (after it is sent) is really the only way for your personal info to become public.

GDPR Compliance

Use the form below with the drop-down selection field to request data or demand it is deleted. Please realize that it may take us a week to comply.