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Read Between the Lines and Prejudge Your Prospects

We’re told not to prejudge growing up, but it is only natural to do so. As a Network Marketer you’re told to talk to EVERYONE. Is prejudging people, conversations, or situations necessarily bad?

No: time is the one thing you can’t get back, and there are clearly people you shouldn’t spend much time with. If you don’t prejudge to some degree you will waste time, energy and lose money. That time could have been spent with better prospects. 

So paying close attention to your prospects and guard your precious time is helpful.

Try Prejudging these messages:

Message #1: “I am in a foreign country and will join your company if you marry me so I can come to your country to live.”

What are you thinking? “This person is a gold digger, wants to exploit the system, and maybe this person is dishonest.”

Message #2: “I will join your Network Marketing business if you join mine.”

What are you thinking? “This person doesn’t qualify. This person is desperate. This person will waste my time AND their time working two Network Marketing businesses.”

Message #3: “I am currently working three jobs. I don’t want to do this for the rest of my life. Do you have any suggestions?”

What are you thinking? “This person wants more money and is demonstrating the ambition to do something about it. I will talk to this person.”

You can and should read between the lines and make judgment call. So, it is okay if we prejudge. These three messages demand that we prejudge. You should act on these prejudgements.

Whoever wrote Message #3 is your best prospect, and you should spend less time (or zero time!) with the other 2.

But what about less obvious people? People who don’t come out and make it obvious about their intentions?

Instead of prejudging them, why don’t we simply ask them? We could ask tiny questions. We could introduce our business through ice breakers. We could qualify them through pre-closing questions and statements. We could find out if they are interested, or not.

The tragedy is that many people won’t ask any questions. They will simply prejudge a prospect as not worthy or negative, and that prospect never gets an opportunity to make a decision on our business.

If you have any questions about the Network Marketing or business, let’s chat over Virtual Coffee. Feel free to book a time on my online calendar here.

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