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Rise by Lifting Up Other Businesses

Would you be against getting hot leads from local businesses on a daily basis? 

There’s an old saying that “givers gain.” Help your local businesses grow and they’ll help you in return.

Car salespeople are perfect examples.

What happens when a car salesperson doesn’t make a sale? Answer: they don’t make any money. They face many other challenges, but it all starts with prospects having enough monthly income to make their payments.

This may sound too obvious: a great superpower as a Network Marketer is helping people extra money.

So try this: strike up a conversation with your favorite car salesperson. If you don’t know one, ask around for a referral. Some people might even call this “networking.”

When you’re talking, use one of your Icebreakers, like this one: “You know hard it is to earn a commission if your prospect doesn’t have enough money to buy a car? I just found out how to help them earn an extra paycheck so they can buy a car from you. Would it be OK if I shared my plan?”

Then bite your tongue and wait for their response.

They’ll respond in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Silence

  2. “I’m fine. How about that weather?”

  3. “Tell me more.”

If they give you Response 3, say:

“Would it be okay if you could recommend all your non-qualified people to me? I could make it possible for them to buy your cars.”

Then show them what to say to non-qualified people:

“I know you desperately want to purchase a car but can’t afford one now. I understand. But I have a friend named YOUR NAME. They’re a pretty nice person. They help people earn money part-time, so they can afford higher car payments. You need to talk to them right away. Here is their phone number. And in case you can’t get in touch, I can share your phone number next week to make an introduction.”

The car salesperson gets buying customers from you, and you get new team members from them. It’s win-win-win and good business collaboration. You rise by lifting up other businesses.

Another idea is joining (or starting) a local referral trading group. There’s a great book by Tom Schreiter called “Start Supernetworking!” You’ll learn A-Z and 1-2-3 exactly how to help grow businesses in your local area. 

It can be a breakfast or lunch club, and should cost very little for everyone involved.

A good friend of mine, Smiling Steve, is known for saying, “Your clients are worth much more than you think.”

Your prospects buy from many different merchants and vendors. Helping make introductions and share referral among these merchants and vendors builds a lot of goodwill, makes them money, and gets YOU more referrals.

It’s a good business collaboration idea. You lift up other business. And you rise by lifting up other business. It’s good for the community. It’s a great way to partner with other businesses.

Small businesses working together to scratch each other’s back wins for both parties. We offer solutions to local businesses that most other businesses dream about. People love solutions to improve their lives. We rise by lifting up other business.


If you have any questions about this or other business topics, I’d be happy to chat with you over Virtual Coffee. Pick a time using this calendar.

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