This image shows an icon of Earth with a banner accross it that says FREE. It is being used in marketing for a special Secret Launch offer.

Secret Launch

What is the “secret launch” offer?

A chance for you to get a two weeks head start with our affiliate program and the website that comes with it.

The much needed service and affiliate program you could have the privileage to announce before the public does, has a unique website (not this one). The site will be released on Monday or Tuesday of next week (August 8th, lattest), but first we want to name those who will be the Founding Affiliates.

Hence the secret launch.

To find out all about this, all you need to do is agree to keep this secret until we make the site public (August 8th, lattest). This web page, then, obligates you to do nothing and pay nothing. All we want in exchange for knowing about this first is the condition that you will not release the name of this Affilaite Program, the poduct used in this Affiliate Program or the website for this Affiliate Program, not until we say GO (August 8th)!

This is ready for release. We just want to get it right.


We do not sell, share or publish your personal information, period. We apoligize but, at this time, this offer is not available in China or Europe.

By completing this form you are obligated to do nothing except keeps this a secret until next week.