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Text Marketing for Network Marketing

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Everyone loves Facebook. Not everyone loves LinkedIn. And that means they just don’t understand the benefits of LinkedIn.


The benefits of LinkedIn far surpass the benefits of Facebook.


— Want ten professionals ready to do business in your network marketing opportunity? LinkedIn is where to find it.


— Want to be recognized for your expertise? LinkedIn is where to find it.


— Want to interact with people who want what you offer every day? LinkedIn is where to find it.


— Want to reach out to people who are hungry for doing business with you? LinkedIn is where to find it.


— Want to find target audiences of people who want your network marketing products and services? LinkedIn is where to find it.


— Want ten new leads a day and two to three sign-ups a week? LinkedIn is where to find it.

The benefits of LinkedIn for social media marketing far exceed the benefits of Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram.

You can establish your expertise through LinkedIn content platform. You can interact with your community. And you can reach out to others every day with responses to your offers.

The benefits of LinkedIn connections are worth noting. Reach out to the people who are viewing your profile. LinkedIn tells you who’s viewing your profile, which opens the door when it comes to meeting new people and making important connections. For example, if someone you’re interested in working with has viewed your profile, you can contact him, saying, “I noticed you viewed my profile. I’d love to chat.”

The benefits of LinkedIn offer opportunities for network marketers every day. You can expand your business connections through LinkedIn far more than by using Facebook or Twitter.

I’ve written the book LinkedIn for Network Marketing. You can find the links below to the paperback and eBook versions for purchase.

So buy my book. Make an impact. Join LinkedIn and find the benefits of LinkedIn for yourself and your team.

The eBook version is $9.95 and you can get it here:

If you have any questions about the Book, I’d be happy to chat with you over Virtual Coffee. Feel free to book a time on my online calendar here:  ?

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