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We are currently adding to our team and seeking to add at least one team member. Hopefully, we can find a woman with extensive side hustle experience who enjoys being part of our content creation and fits in with side hustle professionals.

To clarify, we are not offering a job, but being a team member will bring you benefits far greater than a salary could. If this might be for you, use the contact us page to let us know you want to have a virtual meeting.

The following are our current Side Hustle Professional team members:

Steven Peter Burke, founder of Side Hustle ProfessionalsA picture of Steven Peter Burke, known online as Smiling Steve and found of Side Hustle Professionals

With unique ideas, Smiling Steve is able to offer a no-fluff website and podcast that contain training and resources that are badly needed by anyone starting a Side Hustle. 
After researching the many websites serving those who start side hustles, Steve found that most of these sites were posting fluff content written by professional authors with the goal of ranking on Google (and other search engines). And almost all of them were completely devoid of quality been-there-and-done-that content by those with real-world experience that also have an embarrassment of riches in terms of mentorship skills.
What else is out there? Hear it directly from Steve;
“There are many one-trick ponies that learned a simple business concept from overpaying for a course, then emulated that course and went into business more or less overnight. Their brilliant marketing concept? Be a copycat!”
Without decades of entrepreneurial expereince like Smiling Steve, these one-trick ponies have little else to offer after the overpriced course. And following them is fine if you too want to have a side hustle where you too are a one-trick pony and a copycat. If, on the other hand, you want to be more than that, you better follow a real side hustle professional!
Outside of being a one-trick pony, the other predominant option available to those who really need help comes from side hustle content comes via professional writers hired to write for a side hustle site.
These writers have never succeeded in their own side hustle (other than writing) and therefore have no shot at writing unique, insightful content. Instead, they rehash side hustle content they research on other similar websites!
Steve knew there was a major missing puzzle piece needed by those hurting for more income. And there is no way he would duplicate the fluff-content conveyor belt!
Fluff articles by writers can and do rank on Google, attracting site visitors, but they say nothing that is not on every other site or available from ChatGPT (or other AI writing tools). These professional writers are not side hustle professionals and have never had the opportunity to discover the secrets of self-promotion or how real money is made in a small business (hint; it is not where you think).
The fluff side hustle sites are inadequate but don’t take our word for it. You can Google “side hustles 2023” (or change the year) any time you like and compare articles to see how similar the content is from the search results.
Now for a real question; who wants to follow a side hustle website just to receive notifications about newly released fluff article after fluff article? More importantly, what examples do such sites set for would-be followers who also might want to learn how to create their own tribe when all there is on the site is gutless side hustle content?
Sure, cutting grass is a side hustle, but including it as an option in a list of ways to make money is beyond fluff. It’s lame.
Teaching those who operate lawn maintenance companies that the real money is not in their grass-cutting side hustle but in teaching non-local competitors how the owner tripled sales without increasing risk. That you will never read from an AI writing tool!
If you really want to benefit from your side hustle,  you are likely eager to know where the real money is made. And the key is understanding where the big money comes from is knowing that it is not from the front end.
The back end of marketing is not well understood, even by those with university business degrees. But it is where big money is made in small businesses and how advertising and marketing expenses are covered so that front-end billings remain as profits rather than paying bills!
In our podcast and on our site, Smiling Steve includes all the ideas he has accumulated as an entrepreneur since 1985 and his experiences with driving a website to #1 in its niche.

Steven Burke’s background

Steve received his sales training from Xerox Learning Systems, beginning in 1979. He became a Xerox Professional Selling Skills III (PSS III) Facilitator in 1985.
His first side hustle website launched in 1996, ending up with 1.5 million people who chose to opt-in by 2005. This success caused Smiling Steve to be featured in two home business magazines, the latter being a cover feature (below right).
Steven Peter Burke on the cover of a business magazine with his familySteve is a veteran of thousands of speaking events, including hundreds of conference calls and over a thousand webinars. He never lost interest in talking to people about getting ahead; by far, the best way for most is a side hustle.

Daniel Paden, a side hustle professional & content manager

A photograph of Daniel Pade, team member and co-founder at Side Hustle ProfessionalsA combination of Customer Service and Inside & Remote Phone Sales jobs with a life insurance side hustle and many more experiences (good and bad) have moulded Daniel into a battle-hardened side hustle professional.
He has seen everything from high-pressure and fear-of-loss tactics, to high-priced MLMs, which burn through people faster than coal plants consume coal, to ridiculously overpriced courses, and he has even purchased them thinking he had found the exit lane from the working world.
Those $195 to $495 per year MLMs have a tough time keeping people because most of their independent reps struggle to make enough in their side hustle to cover the annual or monthly cost(s). And once they quit, those reps wisely never get back on that hamster wheel.
Are overpriced courses any better? No, they have the same tendency of burning the field, as most course creators are “one trick ponies” that cannot back up 
their overpriced courses with the even higher quality content needed to keep followers.
Dan Kennedy, these people are not!
The result? Who would want to opt-in to receive notifications from a side hustle site where they bought a course of questionable value when that site has little or nothing more to offer?
What most don’t know is their followers hold far more value long term than can be made by burning them with a course. And Daniel is a member of Side Hustle Professionals because he knows what burning the field is better than most.

Lewis Cash – side hustle professional & content contributor

A photo of Lewis Cash, a team member of Side Hustle Professionals.Lewis Cash is another individual who has a great attitude but was not steered in the right direction by other so-called side hustle professionals. It was not until after he read The Free Cheese Secret by Smiling Steve that he began to see his road to a better life.

If it were not for the terrific attitude that Lewis has, he probably would have quit long ago. And no one could have blamed him if he did, for no side hustle has ever worked out for him, even though he gave them a college try!

The future for Lewis is like the future for many people. If all they receive is assistance from people who think of their own self-interest, there is little chance that they will learn that inventory and high ticket start-up costs and not for everyone.

Paying to become a life insurance agent is not cheap. And that business is tough for a few reasons, including but not limited to the fact that most people cannot afford adequate insurance.

Those who cannot afford the things they should have great prospects for a side hustle, like recruiting them as life insurance agents. But again, they can’t afford that.

Most people need a side hustle option that is affordable. In addition, only a few people can handle the hard-nosed nature of selling insurance, where you deal with a lot of rejection due to the perception by some that they can avoid that cost.

Why not refer the people you meet to a business with no start-up cost? 

If the life insurance side hustle and the zero-start-up side hustle had the same potential upside, it makes sense that you will receive less rejection with the latter. 

What does less rejection mean? More success. And is more success more lucrative?  Yep.

In addition, everyone buys food and home cleaning products. So it is easier to sell what everyone buys than what 90% of people have an inadequate amount of non of.

Lastly, can you sell life insurance to someone who lives 10 hours drive away? No, right? So the real market for life insurance is local when things like Buyers Clubs can be sold online to anyone, which means the market is bigger.

Is it easier to get a very small percentage of a market so large that everyone shops for those things, or; is it easier to get a larger percentage of a much smaller market, like life insurance? I hope you think the small percentage of a bigger market makes sense because that is true.

What is someone had explained all of the above to Lewis long ago? How would much different might his life have been by now?

We are grateful that we got a chance to help Lewis while it was still meaningful. And we look forward to seeing what Lewis can do.