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Webinars & other live events
by Side Hustle Professionals

Below left is a description of the recurring live webinars that Side Hustle Professionals is conducting for a dual purpose; to answer people’s side hustle questions and record content for the Podcast Episodes. Obviously, you are welcome to attend the live webinars.

Below right, you will find a calendar of events where you can click an event to read about it and access the webinar link where applicable.

Side Hustle Professionals Podcast; recorded live during scheduled webinars

Approximately 50 times a year the Side Hustle Professionals Podcast will be recorded live, often with guests and almost always with an audience.

Scheduling being what it is, there will be a few times a year when we do double-headers, recording two events at back to back so we can have a week or two off. 

The format will be true to podcasting. The twist is each podcast episode will be posted with rich-text transcripts. And that means that you can listen to the podcast via whatever tool you use to stream it and follow the show notes with links and images on this site.

In other words, this podcast will provide higher quality content than almost any other podcast, including those in the side hustle industry or space!

Additionally, we will be holding annual events, which will be held at a very special retreat and live-streamed. 

There are two types of notifications you can receive. The first would be to request to be added to a Google Calendar recurring event about when we are recording Side Hustle Professionals Podcast live. And the second is an email notification when a podcast episode is posted on the site and podcast platforms.

In addition, you can also submit a question about side hustles which we will include an answer for in the next podcast episode.

On the right is the calendar showing all future podcast episode recordings. If you want to be added to that calendar invite, use the contact us page until we automate this request, which we are familiar with doing.

Enjoy our side hustle podcast.

Calendar of live events by
Side Hustle Professionals

If you click on a side hustle event in the calendar below, it will expand so that you can read the details and copy it to your own calendar with a click.

Mail Us

If you need to send us a notification by mail, use the following address:

1047 County Rd 15

Picton, ON

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Once a week, we send an email listing any new content on the site. You will also get invited to live recordings of the Side Hustle Professionals podcast, and you can ask questions!