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Prospects Desperately Need Us

Prospects desperately need us. Imagine our prospect went to a university to become a doctor. After four years of undergraduate studies, our prospect invests more time and money for medical school. In addition, he spends another three years in residency. Maybe he invests eleven years into a medical profession.

At this point our prospect feels confident about being a doctor. And he should.

— But what financial security?

— What about his practice limiting time away from family?

— What about paying back those student loans?

— What about taxes and offsetting them?

The average prospect has time for his career, his family and possibly a bit of free time for a hobby. Our prospect can’t afford another four or seven-years finding solutions for financial security, time away from family, paying student loans and taxes. Therefore, prospects desperately need us.

So, what can a prospect do? 

Find a part-time network marketing business to help sort through the hundreds of options for fixing his problems. 

Network Marketing has options. It offers solutions. Our prospect lacks enough information to find solutions. Prospects desperately need us. 

He has no formal training on creating financial security, juggling time between a career and family, paying back student debt and offsets for his taxes.

That is where we come in. Prospects desperately need us. We can narrow the options. We can help the prospect focus on his financial goals. We can offer suggestions and options that a prospect may not be aware of.

We have to close. We must get a “yes” decision from our prospects. 

Does that sound challenging or uncomfortable? It could, especially if we are untrained. Ugly techniques of the past don’t work.

We need the skills of today for reaching the prospect. We need better words. We need better words in network marketing. Prospects desperately need us.

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